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Node AI [Unity Engine]


Price: $30 USD

+ A robust set of options for your AI agents with a focus on action style games. Agents can patrol waypoints, move between globally defined points of interest, guard points of interest, or simply wander around.

+Agents can detect the player with dynamic reaction time (including on screen indicators. Great for stealth games!) and then chase and attack the player. While engaging the player, agents can even alert other agents to attack the player. The player can loose agents, and after the agents search for the player they will resume their previous behavior.

+ A great introduction to Unitys new navmesh Features. Includes scenes showing off the new systems capabilities, including navmesh volumes and runtime navmesh baking.

+Great for new users looking into AI. There are tons of options available right away in the inspector.

+Great for intermediate users. Why not save some time and get a head start on your own project. Node AIs code is efficient and written from the ground up to be edited by others. Node AI is less expensive then similarly rated ai packages, and leaves behind the custom editors scripts and other stuff that just gets in the way. Node AI provides a great (and easy to understand) base to build off.

+4 demo scenes featuring gameplay, procedural generation, overlapping/multi-height stages and advanced waypoints.

+Tool tips for most important settings. No need to dig up the manual, just hover your mouse over settings you are curious about.

+includes animation script with a basic setup for Mecanim compatible models.

+Easy integration with UFPS. Detailed setup instructions and custom scripts included.

+Custom script for dungen for building runtime navmeshes.

+Advanced wayPoints. Agents can use wayPoints in the traditional patrol style, or use advanced wayPoints to change destinations dynamically. Includes a demo scene that allows you to pick an agents next wayPoint via keyboard input.

Node Wander allows for more intelligent and dynamic AI agents. An agent can wander among all nodes in a scene, or grouped by name.

Say you have a castle environment with watchtowers, you could assign nodes on those watchtowers to the "watchtower" group, and assign an AI to wander only among those nodes in the watchtower group. This works especially well for procedurally generated games, where patrol routes need to be generated dynamically.

all node wander styles can follow a sequence, or pick the next node at random.

+Guard mode sets an agent to not move until it sees the player. If it sees the player it will pursue, if it looses the player it will return to its guard position and rotation.