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Animation Editor -UMotion Editor [Unity Engine]

Powerful Animation Editor for animating any type of 3D model right inside Unity. 
Reduce development time by fine tuning animations even while being in play mode. 

No CPU overhead: UMotion produces Unity animation clips that require no run-time components. 

⭐ NEW: FBX Export (Windows and Mac OSX only) 
.... use animations created in UMotion in 3D modeling applications. 

⭐ Unity Timeline Integration 
.... edit animation clips used in Unity Timeline. 

⭐ Import Mocap and 3rd Party Animations 
.... from the Asset Store or any modeling application. 

⭐ Animation Layers 
... use additive/override layers to modify animations without touching existing keys. 

⭐ Inverse Kinematics 
... advanced IK solution with IK Pinning and FK/IK Blending. 

⭐ Child-Of Constraint 
... change parenting during an animation. 

⭐ Convert Animations to IK 
... edit existing animations as if they have been created using your IK setup. 

Includes all features of your favorite free animation editor: UMotion Community 

⭐ NEW: Muscle Groups 
⭐ NEW: Weighted Tangents 
⭐ Bone/Transform Animations 
⭐ Animate GameObject Components 
⭐ Animate in Play Mode 
⭐ Humanoid, Generic and Legacy 
⭐ Root Motion 
⭐ Animation Events 
and much more... 

UMotion offers everything you need to create high quality animations. 

Learning UMotion is easy thanks to the detailed HTML based manual that is kept in the same style as Unity's. 

The high quality video tutorials are organized into small chapters and are coming straight to the point: 

UMotion General - Video Tutorials 
UMotion Professional - Video Tutorials 
UMotion "In Practice" - Video Tutorials 

Please note that animating is a creative process that will require some practice in order to create good results. 
UMotion's learning material is designed to assist you as much as possible.