Indie Dev Rx
Your prescription for Game Press and Game Streamer Contacts


Tips, advice, and links to some of the most useful tools in the indie game industry. Managed press contacts and streamer contacts so you can get your game noticed to the world.

What we Offer


PRess Contacts

Don’t waste precious game development time managing contact lists of game press when you could have access to over 270 valid game industry press contact info. Platforms they review, if paid reviews are available. All known social links of each press publication. Continually will be updated and added to. Removing dormant press and closed shops.

Streamer Contacts

Streamers are the new way to get your game noticed to the video game audience. With over 375 valid game streamers contact info, all of their social links and personal or business websites where available you can have a no hassle database of how to contact them directly to play your game. SCUM has done a great job leveraging streamers to promote the game. This database will continually be growing and refining. Removing of streamers that take long hiatus or become inconsistent in their streaming as well as adding up and comers.

Industry Biz Tips & articles

Our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages will share informative industry articles. Focusing on the business of the industry. The tools, the techniques, and the direction in which it is heading.

organization of Tools & industry Links (WIP)

This is a work in progress. Others have attempted and quickly the sites become old and full of dead links. This will be open to the public to view. No Patreon subscription needed for this service although a donation to keep it going will be appreciated. We plan to put an organization and establishment of mandatory as well as useful links to tools, sites, industry tutorials and products that any indie game developer starting out or just in the industry should know about and have easy reference to. That is the goal here. Organization of it seems like the daunting part. We think we are up for the challenge and will welcome community feedback. We will need it.