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As indie game developers ourselves we came to realize how much time we were spending building, maintaining, and updating game press contacts between releases of product.

We decided to make a service out of it since besides money, time is one of the biggest challenges to indie game developers to overcome and be successful. We offer over 275 game press contacts and over 375 game streamer direct contacts. We are also in the process of building a curated page of indie game resources that are links to industry tools, tutorials, and assets that every indie in the industry should have knowledge of and access at their fingertips.

We welcome you to try out our service and give feedback. Currently we only bill at the first of the month through our Patreon and offer an early adoption tier at $2 per month. You can subscribe to the service effectively for free until the first of any month while we keep that billing cycle as our policy.

This way you can determine if the service is right for you at no obligation as long as you unsubscribe from the Patreon before the first of the next month (sorry, we cannot offer refunds on subscriptions that do not get unsubscribed to before the first of the month). We also have preview data of both our press contacts and streamer contacts that you can view on our website. If you decide to subscribe and see the full product, please give us feedback on our polls and posts.

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Michael Cozzolino
We submitted our Patreon page for approval

We are excited to announce that we have submitted our initial Patreon page for approval. Once approved, Patreon will be the backbone of our business and our platform of subscription to our databases of over 250 (currently) press contacts and over 375 (currently) streamer contacts. Stay tuned for a direct link to our Patreon so you can start to enjoy the benefits of our databases for your indie marketing needs.

Michael Cozzolino