Indie Dev Rx
Your prescription for Game Press and Game Streamer Contacts

Indie Dev Rx

How do I market my indie game? How to get your game noticed? Indie Game promotion. Indie Game Marketing. Your prescription for Game Press contacts and Game Streamer Contacts.


Your prescription for Game Press and Game Streamer Contacts.

Indie game developers who began to recognize how much game development time we were wasting acquiring and maintaining press contacts and contact info for game streamers.

We realized between releases of two iOS products that were released 4 months apart that 40+ of our press contacts we used on the first of the two games released were no longer publications by the time the latter game was released. We ended up scrambling to find press that we had any sort of prior relationship with. Suffice it to say the that product failed right out of the gate.

Short-Term Goals - Have established accessible and maintained databases for patrons of the service for press contacts and streamer (Twitch) contacts.

Mid-Term Goals - Establish and maintain a web page or pages of useful sites for the game dev community to have easy and organized access to. Tools, Art, Tutorials, etc. This will be publicly open and will only ask that people that use it contribute to the lowest tier of the Patreon as basically a thank you to my team for establishing and maintaining it. ( Will likely ask for $1 or $2 subscription *again won't be required for anyone to have access).

Possible Long-Term Goals - Depends on the community's want for the service. We would possibly like to create a database of game developer contractors that supplement their own game development with taking on work with other teams. It would be curated for quality assurance. Portfolio web page(s) would be required for submission and acceptance. Artists and Programmers would submit through a form process links to portfolios, ways to contact, base rates, check boxes of use of industry tools and engines, etc. (This would likely be a Patreon Tier that would be $2-3 more than the main $5 tier of press and streamers but for a total of $7 or $8 a month for all services as well as this being a separate tier of $3 to $5 a month if the other services are not needed for the particular Patron.



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