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This is a long-term project. It’s going to be incomplete and ugly for a while. Please Be Patient.

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Press Release Services: Press Releases are important to launch a product. It get news agencies that don’t know about your product to get a glimpse at what you have an hopefully write something about it. From our experience we have only noticed it helps tremendously with Google Search Rankings for our games and websites. Still crucial. Our “hits” kind of got publicity by chance. One was Touch Arcade talked about it on their podcast. Another media outlet wrote a story about another app that was posted on Reddit’s app page.

PRLog (Free Tier as well as paid) and Gamasutra uses their releases in their PR Feed)

PR Mac (Apple product press release service, ie. iPhone/iPad Apps, Mac Apps, hardware accessories) (Hefty price for a year of service but you get unlimited releases for the year)

PR Underground (Paid)Our PR service of choice now.

Networking: It is not something many of us indies like to do. We like to be in the office or home writing code, creating sprite sheets, modeling characters and crates. Unfortunately its kind of required as part of building your brand. Luckily with the age of internet access pretty much everywhere, you can do it from the office or home while you eat lunch or take a break. Here is a list of Community Forums that are great to help you get involved and learn a thing or two from people that have had the same questions.

TIGSOURCE (uselful forums) (The Torque Engine has been taken over by the community but the site still offers useful forums and a blogging feature).

Reddit (r/GameDev) Very active community.

Reddit(r/GameDevelopment) Not nearly as large as r/GameDev but has some cool stuff.

Reddit(r/Unity3D) obviously Unity Focused

Reddit(r/UnrealEngine) Unreal Engine Focused

Unity Forums (Unity Engine Community Forums)

Unreal Engine Forums (Unreal Engine Community Forums)

GameMaker Forums

Construct Forums

HTML5 Dev Forums (Wide variety of game dev topics)

IndieGamer Forums

StackExchange Forums

GameJolt Forums

MapCore Forums

FaceBook Group: Indie Game Devs

FaceBook Group GameDevelopmentX

FaceBook Group IndieDevMarketingPR

Facebook Group IndieGameChat (More relaxed rules of discussion and memes)

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